Clubs and Activities

Art Club

The Art Club is open to students in all grades 6-8. Students will explore creative ideas through a wide variety of mediums. We will experiment with an assortment of techniques and materials to create original works of art that express their own style and individual personality. Anyone can be an artist - everyone is creative! All students are welcome.

art club

                                                                   ASL Club

The ASL Club will provide a fun, interactive, and enriching environment to teach students the benefits and fundamentals of sign language. Students will learn to sign the alphabet, learn how to count, and will learn basic phrases, while building vocabulary and learning the structure of the language. Students will also learn how to sign to books and songs. Instruction shall include both spoken words, as well as sign.


Astronomy Club


The Hicksville Middle School Astronomy Club is a great way for students to learn about and observe the universe that they inhabit. Students will actually be able to gaze upon the Sun, the Moon, stars, and planets through binoculars and telescopes several times throughout the year. They will learn how to navigate the night sky and find some notable celestial objects within it. Astronomy is a great gateway to other scientific endeavors as it can encompass physics, chemistry, biology, geology, engineering, robotics, and more!


Chamber Orchestra Club

Chamber Orchestra Club provides advanced string players with the opportunity to experience challenging repertoire. Members of the club will also have a chance to perform at school functions for the community. This club is audition based and requires a NYSSMA level 4 or higher.

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                                              Chess and Checkers Club

All students are welcome to join the Chess and Checkers Club.  Students will have the opportunity to come together to practice strategies while improving their thinking and problem-solving skills.

                                         chess checkers

                                                                 Drama Club


The Drama Club is open to all students in grade 6, 7, 8. Do you like to sing, dance or act? Do you think maybe you would like to give it a try? You never know what hidden talents you may possess. Maybe you are not interested in being center stage but enjoy the excitement of being part of the production. Why not become a stage hand? Lean the trades that make the actors look good and the production a success. There is a role for everyone - all talents and abilities are required and appreciated to make a great play! Come celebrate with us as we create entertainment for the Middle School community.

Drama Club

Math Olympiads

Let the problem solving begin. Join us as we work backwards, guess and check, make a list or draw a picture to solve challenging math problems. Math Olympiads is offered all year.


Multicultural Club

"Let's celebrate our diversity!"


The Multicultural Club welcomes all students in the middle school. It is a place where students and teachers can come together in order to celebrate their diverse backgrounds. Students will be able to share their cultures and traditions and continue to build connections with peers and adults. The Multicultural Club develops unity through celebrating diversity.

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National Junior Honor Society

The NJHS is by invitation for those students who have exhibited outstanding academic performance. To qualify, students must have a 93% cumulative average in the core subjects of English, Science, Math, Social Studies and Modern Language. Qualifying students are nominated for acceptance based upon evidence of school citizenship, service, leadership, and character. Students in grades 7 and 8 are eligible for participation in this club. Plan now to meet the qualifications for eligibility!

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Science Olympiad

Join Science Olympiad and become a part of a team that will compete in series of events against others schools. Participants will combine fun, creativity and research to solve problems and construct devices in a year-long project to prepare for the Regional and State competition. Students who qualify will receive an invitation letter to join. This workshop meets from October until the end of March and is open to 7th and 8th grade students.

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Student Council

Learn first-hand how government functions. Represent your classmates as a member of student government. Experience the excitement of bringing ideas forwards, support initiatives and making change all within guides of the democratic process. Learn how to promote good citizenship, and provide unity and cooperation between students and faculty. Learn how to make educated decisions about special civic causes that you choose to support. Do the research, develop a project and achieve an attainable and worthwhile goal. The school needs civic minded students who are interested in learning about government and putting thoughts into action. Open to all students' grades 6-8.

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Are you interested in creating a book of memories that can last a life time for you and your peers? Do you have an interest in photography, design, layout, or editing? Do you know anything about publishing? Would you like to learn? This is a fun and exciting opportunity to learn an important craft, develop valuable skills and produce an outstanding yearbook for your school. Join us in making the 2019 Meteor the greatest yearbook ever!



Mock Trial

This club is only open to 7th and 8th grade students. Students will prepare their roles as lawyers and witnesses in a mock trial. The team will go on to compete in March against other teams on Long Island. Check the schedule for meeting dates.

Mock trial

Homework Club

Looking for a quiet place to sit after school and finish your homework? The homework center is open every Tuesday-Friday and meets in the library after school.


Next Generation Christian Club

The Next Generation Christian Club is open to students in all grades, 6-8. Students will explore biblical studies and discuss moral lessons from the bible. Each meeting has a variety of activities. All students are welcome to join us at our weekly meetings.

bible cross

The Strategic Gaming Club

The Strategic Gaming Club is open to all students at Hicksville Middle School who are interested in playing a variety of strategy based board and card games. These games are a great way to socially interact and develop critical thinking skills. Meetings will take place on every other Tuesday starting in October. Sample games include: Settlers of Catan, Smash Up, and One Night. These games will be played in small groups after school. Students may bring their own games; with group members approval. Dr. Gibson is the advisor of the club.

Board Games

The Robotics Club

Goals of the Meteorites (FLL Robotics Team): Introduces younger students to real-world engineering challenges by building LEGO-based robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface. FIRST LEGO League teams, guided by their imaginations and adult coaches, discover exciting career possibilities and, through the process, learn to make positive contributions to society.

Students get to:

- Design, build, test and program robots

- Apply real-world math and science concepts

- Research challenges facing today's scientists

- Learn critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills.

Robotics Club

The Ecology Club

Our goal is to create environmentally aware students and provide them with a way to participate and learn about saving the planet.

Throughout the course of the year we will work to bring awareness on the importance of the environment through various fundraisers and programs. Students will engage in various activities that promote the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They will re purpose old materials to create new and fun useful products. They will get a chance to promote and work to implement a recycling program here at the middle school. In addition, students will engage in fundraisers to help communities less fortunate in the hopes to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyles.



Social Awareness Club

The purpose of the Social Awareness Club is to promote equality of all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs, or socio-economic background. We will use awareness as a path to kindness and acceptance for all individuals. In addition, we will discuss important social issues of interest to students. All students at Hicksville Middle School are welcome to attend meetings. Please see Mr. Romero or Ms. Dambrose with any questions.

social awareness Maker Space Club

Do you like to Build, Tinker, Create, Explore? If so, join the Maker Space Club. See Ms. Lasurdo in the Library for more information.

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