HMS Students Create Mindful Quilt

HMS Students Create Mindful Quilt
Posted on 10/07/2019

This past September, students in Mr. Anthony Tussie’s eighth grade health classes at Hicksville Middle School completed a six-lesson "Learning to Breathe" program. The unit of study was created to cultivate students’ self-regulation of emotion, attention, and performance. They also focused on mental and emotional health while using mindfulness techniques as a way to develop new coping skills. 

The final lesson of the series included an activity called "The Mindful Quilt" which produced a montage of group members’ sentiments from the six-day program. The quilt is now on display in Mr. Tussie’s classroom. It includes the students’ answers to one of the following questions:

1. What did I learn from this program?

2. What is the most important message for me?

3. How will I use what I learned in my life?

Each student responded to the question of his/her choice by creating a drawing, image, symbol, or by writing a word or phrase on a single block for the quilt. The completed project now serves as a visual reminder of the strategies students can use to refocus their attention and calm themselves during times of stress. Well done, HMS eighth graders! 

Mindful Quilt

Just a few of the eighth grade Health Education students at Hicksville Middle school who created a “Mindful Quilt.” They are pictured here with their teacher Mr. Anthony Tussie (far right) and Principal Mara Jorisch (second from left).