HMS Welcomed News 12 Meteorologist Rich Hoffman

HMS Welcomed News 12 Meteorologist Rich Hoffman
Posted on 12/13/2019

Weather – it’s a love-hate relationship. We have an insatiable need to know: Should I take an umbrella? Gas up the snow blower? Buy fresh milk & eggs? Break out the sunscreen or go to Plan B for the family BBQ? And what about our local meteorologists? The folks who rise in the middle of the night to study maps and computer models to formulate the latest predictions – what is it like to be the one we all rely on to accurately forecast the weather?

On Tuesday, December 10th, eighth grade Earth Science and Science Research students in Hicksville Middle School learned what life is like for meteorologists from one of the best: Rich Hoffman from News 12, Long Island. In a very informative presentation, Mr. Hoffman shared what goes into developing the daily, weekly, and longrange forecast on the busy News 12 set. Students learned about the history of weather in our area. For example, did you know that we experience every type of weather here on LI, from tornadoes and hurricanes to nor’easters and blizzards? Did you know that, on average, we get more snow on LI now than we did in the 1960s? Or how important math, science and technology are to successful forecasting?

Mr. Hoffman, one of News 12’s meteorologists since 2002 and an Adjunct Professor at Farmingdale State College since 2005, showed the students a weather balloon used for determining conditions in our upper atmosphere and examples of the importance of using doppler radar to predict the severity of storms. He peaked everyone’s interest when he held up the make-up compact he uses to make his face look “normal” on camera under the bright studio lights and addressed his clothing considerations so as not to interfere with his appearance on the green screen. He explained that sometimes it takes just a few blue or green threads in his tie to render parts of it invisible (and a total distraction for TV viewers) when he is standing in front of the green screen weather map. 

Meteorologist Hoffman surprised the students by including them in a broadcast on December 10th. A cheer went up in the auditorium when the eighth graders saw a satellite view of their school and heard their names mentioned on TV as he showed the video clip of that morning’s News 12 weather broadcast. Readers can view the video clip by accessing the District’s Twitter feed: @HicksvillePS.  

Also attending the meteorologist’s presentation was a team of Video-Tech students from Hicksville High School who taped the assembly. After answering questions and concluding his presentation to the eighth graders, Mr. Hoffman spent time with the Video-Tech students speaking about how the field of communications has changed over the past decade and what it is like to work in a televsion news room.

Many thanks to Rich Hoffman for sharing his vast knowledge and experience with our students! As noted on the cover of the students’ “Thank you” card to Mr. Hoffman that featured a swirling tornado – “You blew us away!”

news 12

News 12’s Meteorologist Rich Hoffman presented a comprehensive weather forecasting program to Hicksville Middle School Earth Science and Science Research eighth graders on December 10th in the middle school auditorium.

news 12

Hicksville High School students in Mr. Adam Clive’s (far left) Video-Tech class spent time asking questions of Meteorologist Rich Hoffman (center) after his presentation.


At the December 10th assembly, Hicksville Middle School Principal Ms. Mara Jorisch presented Mr. Hoffman with a tee shirt designed by one of the middle school students.