Psychologist & Social Workers

Middle School Psychologist & Social Workers

Google Classrooms

To go to a classroom, 
1. Click on this Google Classroom link
2. Go to the + in the right hand corner
3. Input the code found next to the classroom name (ex. i5g543b)
4. Bookmark the classroom link to revisit. You will a part of the classroom and will not have to rejoin every time.

Go to our Google Platform Tutorial page for further information.

classroom icon

Ms. Dambrose
Social Emotional Activities from Mrs. Dambrose is nvgbpa
Social Emotional Resources and Ideas 1 is uenni5f
Social Emotional Resources and Ideas 2 is fvzcywi

Dr. Gibson
Dr. G's Groups is xwycsyo

Dr. Pearlberg
Dr. Pearlberg's Social/Emotional Resources is 5vnpzzy