Physical Education

Physical Education

Matthew Calarco
Director of Physical Ed., Health, Athletics,
Drivers Ed., Intramurals & Aquatic Center
Phone: 516-733-2245

The K-12 physical education program offers the students an age appropriate curriculum that promotes an understanding of a variety of activities that stress knowledge, competence, fitness, cooperation, and lifetime involvement in the benefits of being an active participant in sports and recreational endeavors.

Physical Education provides educational experiences through movement activities. The general setting allows the development of social-emotional, psychomotor and cognitive skills as the students interact and have fun. The concept of fun is essential because the objective is to teach students to desire fitness as a lifelong goal. In today's world of technology, it is important to understand the value of movement in our day to day lives.Some of the benefits of a good physical education experience are:

  • Improved fitness
  • High self esteem
  • Weight regulation
  • Understanding sportsmanship
  • Developing interpersonal skills
  • Stress relief
  • Reduce the risk of illness and disease
  • Discover opportunities for recreational experience

Elementary Physical Education

The elementary physical education experience provides the foundation for children to learn through movement. The activities are designed to engage children and teach them safe ways to channel their energy. Learning patience, sharing and cooperation are all part of the physical education program.


Participation Requirements at the Elementary Level

  • K-2 Sneakers
  • 3-5 Sneakers-Shorts-Athletic Pants-T- Shirt-Sweatshirt

Secondary Physical Education

The secondary physical education experience focuses on developing the understanding of athletic activities and life long recreational activities. Providing the skills necessary to participate as well as instilling the desire to stay active is essential to a successful program. Unique electives such as Sports Medicine, Leadership in Physical Education, Physical Education and Theater for Actors and the Polar Bear Class provide students with motivating choices to stimulate physical education experiences.

The district grading policy requires participation. Missed classes can have a negative impact on a student's grade which is why make up classes are provided each quarter. Make-up information can be obtained through individual physical education teachers.


Participation Requirements at the Secondary Level

  • Sneakers-Shorts-Athletic Pants-T-Shirt-Sweatshirt

  • Locks are provided