Student Support Services

Student Support Services

School Psychological Services

Psychological counseling services are provided to students designated by the Committee on Special Education. Evaluations are conducted to determine special education needs. Attempts are always made to reach early diagnosis and appraisal of each child and direct assistance is given to students and parents, as appropriate, to help with the child’s education.

School support teams, comprised of administrators, teachers, counselors, psychologists, and social workers, review student performance and make educational recommendations.

School Social Work Services

The services of the district team of social workers are available in the following areas: child abuse, chronic truancy, family court petitions, home-school liaison and visitation, severe discipline problems, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, maltreatment and educational neglect, medical and physical neglect, child-family counseling, special education services, mandated counseling, alternative family placement, and agency referral and liaison.

Social workers coordinate efforts with other school community agencies to provide services to students and their families. 

Three ways to contact us!

1. Our Elementary Psychologists/Social Workers have created Google webpages for their school building with resources and contact information. Click on their names below which will take you directly to their webpage.

2. Our Secondary Psychologists/Social Workers have created Google Classrooms. If you click on their names, you will be directed to Google Classroom. Then follow the directions below to join a class.

1. Click on this Google Classroom link or the Psychologists/Social Workers' name
2. Go to the + in the right hand corner
3. Input the code found next to the classroom name (ex. i5g543b)  
4. Bookmark the classroom link to revisit. 

You will a part of the classroom and will not have to rejoin every time.

3. Visit the Staff Directory page or call your child's school.

Burns Avenue Elementary School

Mrs. Aber - Psychologist

Mrs. Doherty - Psychologist

Mrs. Rodriguez - Social Worker

Dutch Lane Elementary School

Ms. Vasquez  - Psychologist

Mrs. Rodriguez - Social Worker

Ms. Simon - Social Worker

East Street Elementary School

Mrs. Daniel  - Psychologist

Ms. Simon - Social Worker

Fork Lane Elementary School

Dr. Notti  - Psychologist

Ms. Hauser - Social Worker

Lee Avenue Elementary School

Ms. Pressler  - Psychologist

Ms. Tanzi - Social Worker

Old Country Road Elementary School

Ms. Gambino  - Psychologist

Ms. Aber - Social Worker

Woodland Elementary School

Mr. Kenny - Psychologist

Ms. Simon - Social Worker

Hicksville Middle School

Dr. Gibson - Psychologist

Ms. Clive - Psychologist

Ms. Dambrose - Social Worker

Ms. Katelyn Howell-Lu - Social Worker

Hicksville High School

Ms. Kalman - Psychologist

Ms. Regan - Psychologist

Ms. Bocchicchio - Social Worker

Ms. Avrutine - Social Worker

Mr. Marrero - Social Worker

Elementary Bilingual Social Workers

Monica Aber - Burns Avenue and Old Country Road

Nubia Rodriguez - East Street, Burns Avenue, and Dutch Lane

High School Bilingual Social Workers

Mrs. Avrutine

Mr. Marrero

NYS Certified School Psychologist/Coordinator for Special Services

Courtney Selvaggi  

PreSchool Coordinator 

Stephanie Novick