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Guidance Office

Guidance Office

Hicksville Middle School
Guidance Philosophy

Hicksville Middle School offers a comprehensive program of guidance and counseling services to all students, their parents, and members of the school community. At the middle school, the school counselors are trained to guide students through all phases of their school experience. Assistance in decision-making and problem-solving helps students realize their personal, academic and social potential. Services also include post-secondary educational planning, course selection information, and individual counseling. The comprehensive developmental guidance program reflects the goals of the New York State Standards.

Counseling services are diversified and address the special needs of each grade level. Keeping individual student’s needs in mind, every effort is made to maintain program continuity. Each student is assigned to a school counselor who works with the student through all three years and monitors progress throughout each school year.

The counseling staff is also available to:

- Provide counseling about matters of concern to small groups of students.

- Act as a source of referrals for community service programs and organizations.

- Coordinate team meetings and schedule parent/student conferences.

- Assist in the preparation of referrals for psychological evaluations and other special services.

- Interpret standardized test scores.

- Administer interest and learning styles inventories through the Naviance program.

- Conduct an annual review of each student's progress and future plans.

- Introduce new students and their families to the school and community.

- Assist students in maintaining the appropriate academic schedule.

The educational program at Hicksville Public Schools features a course of study that is consistent, competitive and challenging and is designed to create a solid academic foundation for all our students as they prepare to go to go to high school, and eventually college. In high school, students will have an opportunity to take honors level, college level and advanced placement courses. Students will be able to receive advanced standing at colleges and universities, in addition to college credit while taking courses in high school. We encourage all our students to continue to challenge themselves and to continue taking advantage of courses available to them.

A college education is an investment that will pay back for a lifetime, creating a gateway to great opportunities and a secure future. Through proper planning with the help of the guidance team, we are confident that students will achieve their ultimate goal of selecting a college that is best suited to their individual student profile. We wish our students a successful and rewarding educational journey.

Guidance Department Vision

That every student will acquire the academic, career and personal skills to reach their fullest educational potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.