Transportation Safety

Transportation Safety
The safety of our children is a prime concern in the task of transporting them as efficiently as possible. School bus drivers are screened through the requirements of Article 19-A of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic law.  School buses are required by the NYS Department of Transportation, to be inspected every six months.     

In addtion, parents are urged to help children be prompt and courteous at bus stops, and to respect their fellow passengers and neighborhood residents. The Board of Education also asks that parents understand the following rules of bus conduct and help children to observe them:

- No unauthorized persons are allowed to step onto a school bus.

- Be at the bus stop 10 minutes before time indicated on bus pass.

- Respect private property at and near the bus stop.

- Go directly to your seat and remain seated until the bus stops.

- Do not block aisles with books or other belongings.

- Obey the instructions of the bus driver and do not distract him or her.

- Keep arms, hands, and head inside the bus windows.

- Avoid shouting, pushing and shoving.

- Obey the No-Smoking regulations.

- Do not touch any part of the bus after you get off.

- When crossing, walk at least ten feet ahead of the bus as the driver holds traffic.

- Face traffic when walking to and from your bus stop.