High School Courses

High School Courses

Food and Nutrition 

In the Food & Nutrition class, students will study the role of nutrition in maintaining healthy lifestyles, with attention to the selection and preparation of food for personal health and well-being. Students will learn how to work safely and efficiently in a kitchen environment, to prepare a recipe by carefully following directions, to measure accurately, to identify and to use kitchen equipment appropriately, and to become proficient with cooking terminology. Students will hone basic knife skills and practice the fundamental cuts for vegetables—mince, dice, and julienne—as well as learn some advanced techniques. Students will learn which foods offer the most health benefits and which foods offer little if any health benefits so as to make good food choices. Students will be provided with cooking demonstrations. Students will also prepare a wide selection of foods using various methods. For example, students will learn how to prepare chicken quesadillas, mushroom and cheese omelet, whole wheat pizza, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and banana cake. The goal of the program is to teach students that eating right is good for the mind and body in addition to being easy to prepare and delicious. 

Lifespan Studies Core

 This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need to become responsible and caring adults. Students will learn about the human life cycle from early childhood to the elder years.  Thus, students will study important milestones during childhood, adolescence and adult years.  Students will also learn about career opportunities in various fields.