Middle School Courses

Middle School Courses

Family and Consumer Science 6

Family & Consumer Science 6 covers the topics of interpersonal growth, clothing management, nutrition, and foundational culinary skills. During our Personal Growth Unit, students will explore self-awareness, decision-making process, careers, family relationships, friendships, communication, and bullying prevention. Students will also participate in a service learning project. During our Clothing Management Unit, students will learn basic sewing skills by making their own hand-sewn sewing project. Students will also receive instruction regarding clothing care, including repairing seams, sewing buttons, reading garment labels, laundering and stain removal.  During our Nutrition and Culinary Unit, students will learn the basics of measuring, knife handling, recipe literacy, food and kitchen safety, related culinary vocabulary and techniques, small and large appliance use and kitchen math. Healthful food choices will be emphasized through the dietary guidelines and how to read and interpret food labels to build healthful meal choices. Instruction will also be provided regarding cultural foods and celebrating culinary traditions.  

Family and Consumer Science 7/8

In Family & Consumer Science, students have the opportunity to learn skills that can be applied to everyday life enabling their independence, ability to make positive choices, learn to work well with others, manage resources, and keep themselves and others safe and healthy. Students can take Family & Consumer Science either in grade 7 or grade 8. Family & Consumer Science 7/8 covers the topics of clothing management, nutrition and culinary skills, and career development and financial management and provides students with hands-on learning opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. 

Food For Thought 

Students will learn about the connection between diet and health and how diet and lifestyle play a key role in the development and prevention of illness.  By following along with the engaging recipe of the week, taking precise measurements and making skillful observations, students will learn to think like both a cook and a scientist. Students can take Food For Thought  either in grade 7 or grade 8. 

Clothing, Textiles and Fashion 

Through hands-on experiences and projects in Clothing, Textiles and Fashion, students will use sewing and design techniques to complete a variety of projects related to the selection, construction, care, and repair of clothing and accessory items. Students will explore how clothing communicates personal style and identify appropriate clothing items for roles in various settings. Students will have the opportunity to explore the wide variety of career options related to apparel and textiles and identify the knowledge, skills, education, and training necessary for success within these fields. Topics in this course will include types of clothing, fashion trends, basic elements of fashion design, patterns and fabrics, fabric care, wearable electronics, upcycling, and fashion design and related careers. Students can take Clothing, Textiles and Fashion either in grade 7 or grade 8.