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MS Course of Studies Catalog

Course of Studies Catalog

 Hicksville Middle School
2024-2025 Course of Studies Catalog

Mission Statement & Vision

The Board of Education and the entire Hicksville Public School community remain committed to providing a quality educational program for all students in a safe, secure and nurturing environment that will assist them, each in their own way, in becoming caring, contributing and responsible citizens.  It is our intention to provide a broad range of tailored learning pathways to prepare every student regardless of individual challenges with 21st century College and career opportunities ensuring all students graduate empowered with the academic, social and emotional competencies required in navigating today’s ever changing world.  


This Course of Studies Catalog has been prepared to assist the students at Hicksville Middle School in selecting their programs of study for the following school year. Each department has listed its proposed course offerings and a brief description of each course. Also included are grade-level requirements and prerequisites.


Interdisciplinary teams exist on all grade levels at Hicksville Middle School. There are three teams; the Red team, the White team and the Blue team. Students are randomly assigned a team.  Teams consist of generally 4-6 teachers from the core academic subjects that work with a smaller portion of the grade level. Teams provide a collaborative community structure which supports the work of students, teachers and parents. Teachers develop common expectations, strategies, instructional approaches, and calendars. Parents may request to meet with their child’s team of teachers at any time during the academic year.